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Black Ops publishes apps and video games for the iPad and iPhone such as "iTrader Pro," "Botti Gallery," "iBibleVille," and "iSideswipe." Black Ops has sold millions of video games for the Playstation and XBox consoles and currently develops apps and games for iPad, iPhone, Facebook and social-based on-line platforms.

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Current Products

itiTraderPro - only for iPad
Insider's trading and charting tool, complete with Buy and Sell signals.

Available now, exclusively on iPad. Designed by MIT engineer traders, iTraderPro is a tool that will bring quantitative analysis to the average retail trader. It allows you to see markets in 3D - three dimensions, for the first time! In addition, there are all relavant indicators and a portfolio system that will email or text you when a stock in your watchlist hits a certain price.


Botti Gallery
Beautiful iPad Photographs

Available NOW Worldwide. The Botti Gallery is a collection of hi-resolution photos designed exclusively for your iPad. This App is free, and comes with an Album of 32 sample photos. If you want more, you can purchase more Albums in the App!

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Black Ops Entertainment was founded by MIT graduates in Santa Monica, California. In over 15 years of operation, the company has released titles for Playstation consoles, Nintendo 64 and GameCube, XBox, and PC.  The company won the AIAS Award for the Best Sports Console Game in 2000, and Black Ops’ titles have sold millions units worldwide, accounting for over $500 million in retail sales.

Black Ops is currently looking for skilled, experienced programmers & artists with the following skills:

__[Artists] Photoshop, Flash, Maya 3D, Final Cut Pro, Motion Builder. Traditional art training key.
__[Programmers] Objective C, XCode, iPhone Development, Flash ActionScript 3.0, HTML5, PHP & MySQL, iPhone Unity Engine, and Facebook Three20 API.
__[All] Send resumes to:



520 Broadway
Suite 350
Santa Monica, CA 90401
(310) 496-4490 (main)
(310) 496-4491 (fax)


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